Hey Athens, You’re a Peach

This past weekend we went to Athens to celebrate Heather’s birthday.  Last year we went to the Slingshot music festival and we went again this year. I have to say, last year the music was much better, but we still saw a few great acts and for the price, it’s worth it get to check out a bunch of bands shows in one weekend. 

Friday night we left Asheville after work and rolled into the super fancy Best Western a few hours later to a lovely surprise. I packed lots of yummy food so we made sammies real quick ($$ savin’ yo) and then walked downtown. We stayed at the same hotel last year so we knew our way around which was nice. We hit up the Little Kings Shuffle Club and then ended up seeing a show at The World Famous. 

I am a little obsessed with their chalk-painted menu. The lighting didn’t lend itself to great photos, but this is the kind of thing that makes me remember a place and want to go back! Between the two venues was a mobile art installation that was part of the festival. The inside of a shipping container was outfitted as one huge instrument. Every part of it that you could touch would trigger a sound from the speaker set up.  Neato!

Saturday morning we woke up fairly early for “vaca” and made our way to The Grit! It’s a favorite Athens venue and we were lucky to get a table so fast, it was half empty when we walked in, but 5 minutes later there was a line out the door. 

He’s saying “Put down your phone and talk to me!”

 We were super pumped to get coffee, can you tell? 

I ate an amazing carb-fest with a fried egg and tempeh bacon sammie + cheese grits and Heather had a veggie scramble. Typical. 

Commence the walking. 

As tourists do, we spent the whole day walking around Athens. I don’t consider myself much of a shopper, but I certainly did a lot of it this weekend!  Most of my purchases were gifts, but I got myself 10 records for $12, and felt like a thief! This record shop was a total hole in the wall and everything was 50% off. We spent forever playing each one on their record player to see if they worked, and all were in great shape. 

Note: I have officially beefed up my Motown collection, and I couldn’t be happier to live out my personal dream of being a backup dancer, alone, in my kitchen. Me and Diana are gonna have a great time singing together this summer, sorry neighbors. 

Other cute spots we checked out were Masada, Atomic and, my favorite, Community. Everything in Community is gorgeous, and not to mention, locally and sustainably made.

Saturday night we saw shows at the 40 Watt, Little King’s and the Georgia Theater. The favorite was definitely Window 98, which is what Win Butler from Arcade Fire calls his new project. Second favorite goes to the Jamaican Queens from Detriot, who made the whole crowd go crazy by kissing on stage. Nothing like love.

Sunday we fueled up with Jittery Joes and made our way back home. The music wasn’t as big of a part of this Athens trip, which was alright. It ended up being a fun 2 days of wandering and drinking overpriced beer. Two of my favorite activities!

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  1. Courtney Masters
    March 31, 2015 / 1:47 pm

    haha I just can't get over that bathtub!

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