Current Music Obsessions

Music hasn’t been a much-talked about topic over here, but like most people, I like it.  Groundbreaking, eh?  I’m no expert; I like what I like.   As a kid, I used to dance to Paul Simon in our living room and he’s still one of my favorites.  In middle school JLo, Diana Krall and Tracy Chapman had my heart.  An odd mix, I know.  In high school I moved on to Motown, some terrible emo music and all sorts of rap (thanks to my sister).  College was Tegan and Sara and…Tegan and Sara.  Jazz, rap and even a little punk make their way through my headphones.  Neil Young and Dolly Parton are repeat offenders, too.

Here are some songs and artists I’ve been obsessed with lately:

I have to include this even tough I just discovered it last night.  But it’s gold, I tell you. Gold!  Screaming Females played in Asheville last night and Heather made me go with her. In order to psych myself up for some moshing post-teens I went on a YouTube binge and now have a new respect for the lead singer.  Also, this gem came out of it:

I listen to NPR every day and kept hearing about the dude who won their Tiny Desk contest.  The video just came out and he’s so good!  I need to check into more of his music, but for now here’s the video from NPR’s site:

Annie Lenox’s name has passed by my ears before, but I never made the Sweet Dreams connection. Now I get it and damn, that lady has a voice on her.

When I used to work in an art gallery, there was a massive flat screen TV hooked up to a very expensive and amazing sound system.  Cleaning up at night, I would sometimes turn YouTube onto full-screen mode and have solo dance parties in there, hoping no one could see me through the massive windows.  Mostly it was Grimes Oblivion, and her new jam is just as good.

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