This past weekend we went to Athens to celebrate Heather’s birthday.  Last year we went to the Slingshot music festival and we went again this year. I have to say, last year the music was… View Post

I have been so off my meditation game lately and I can really feel it. The anxiety is creeeeepin’ and I have had to mentally slap myself into taking some deep breaths the past week.… View Post

The feeling of expectancy that has arrived along with spring has surprised me.  Never have I been quite so excited to experience the contrast between winter and the coming of warmth and sun.  Monday night… View Post

My mom, sister and niece visited from Pennsylvania this past weekend and are now, sadly, back in their home state.  It was an exhausting whirlwind and I loved it.  Somehow we packed in 3 breweries,… View Post

Music hasn’t been a much-talked about topic over here, but like most people, I like it.  Groundbreaking, eh?  I’m no expert; I like what I like.   As a kid, I used to dance to… View Post