Recapping the Weekend…Even Though it’s Tuesday!

This past weekend began with me feeling like a genius.  My motivation to work out was completely gone when I got home from work.  Enter: Life Hack!  I convinced myself to go running by, one, dragging Heather with me, and two, pouring glasses of wine to breathe for us as we run.  Is that genius or what?!  That night I solidified my elderly status by inviting friends over to indulge in leftovers and a Broad City marathon.  I would describe Board City as Girls meets Workaholics, if you happen to be interested!

Saturday morning, painters came to repaint our guest bathroom, so we relegated ourselves to the back of the house.  When I say back of the house, I really mean bedroom because our house is pretty small.  That was a lovely excuse to lay in bed for way too long, reading blogs, drinking coffee and snuggling with Mozey.

I finally dragged by butt out of bed for the last of our meditation workshops.  This Saturday’s was my favorite class yet; it was a culmination of all we had learned and was instruction-heavy.  Also, it was not well attended, which is a plus in my book: Less people means the teacher talks more.  I hate to say it, but I am really not one for group discussions, I feel like the lesson eventually gets diluted.  After the class, I was talking to the instructor and she was encouraging me to join the Thursday evening meditations but I told her I wasn’t into the group discussion afterward.  She looked at me and said:  “That’s a shame, you may learn something that could be helpful to you.”  Well….I’m a jerk.  Point taken.

Post meditation we randomly hit an awesome sale at Diamond Brand!  Heather was picking up a birthday gift next door and we wandered inside.  I got a cute Kavu bag, an old school Woolrich sweater and a few more gems.  

Since we had waited so long to eat, we were both starving and made our way downtown to Heiwa for sushi.  And then, as I always do, I wanted some ice cream and ended up with a ridiculous hot pink hat from the gas station.  Keeping it classy over here.  Blue and green have always been my colors. I’ve never been a pink girl. But lately I have been drawn towards reds and pinks.  It’s very strange, but I’m not fighting it.

Sunday we drove to Lake Lure and had lunch with some family and let Mozey pretend she is a country dog that gets to run freely on acres of land.  I know she loves doing that, but the temporal quality of it makes it a bit sad.  One day she will have fenced-in yard to play in!  Sunday night we grabbed dinner and drinks with friends and stayed up too late.

Lack of sleep wasn’t the best way to start the week, but it ended on a happy note.  Tonight we are mourning the melted snow and eating crock-pot chili with gross, yet addictive, vegan cheese.

Here’s to a great week to come!

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  1. Courtney Masters
    February 25, 2015 / 9:29 pm

    I am loving that hat though – you need to match it with a bright pink lip!

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