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It is very far out of my comfort zone to be publicly affectionate with the person I love on the internet.  But this Valentine’s Day, Hallmark did its job well, and I was feeling gushy.  So, I posted a lovey post about my girl and the response was really surprising.  

This job of “coming out” is an endless one.  It’s a daily conversation, not a one-time deal.  I know social media isn’t the most personal connection, but it was kind of cool to see how many people from my recent and distant past gave a little internet “hooty hoo”.  Of course, my mother was the first person to comment to say how much she loves Heather (I really have the best family in the world).  

I definitely get internet-excited (that’s a thing, right?) about others’ happinesses and want them to feel my genuine support.  To be on the receiving end of that was a cool moment.  People really do love love.  

How can you not?  

(This is a terrible photo, but it’s our first together back in April 2013)

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  1. Courtney Masters
    February 17, 2015 / 2:13 am

    Ahhww <3

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