Homey Feelings

It’s pretty crazy how small changes can affect your outlook so greatly.  Heather sent me a text recently about loving “our new home.”  We moved there in December 2013; not so new anymore, eh?  But, it sure feels that way.

In the fall of last year, we got this close to putting our house on the market.  A third of our belongings went into the basement and we cleaned the house to the point where it looked like a vacation rental for the listing photos that were taken.  A landscaper was scheduled

to make our yard more attractive for showings and I conned the garden center at Lowe’s into selling me $100 worth of potted plants for $20 (I think the girl was drunk, but hey, it worked).  Our house was no longer the landscape for our future.  We stopped imagining summers on that porch, started dreaming of a new house, maybe one with a different view.  Buying house, our first ever, was such a big commitment and to have that sense of security removed was unsettling.

But then, we called it all to a halt right before Thanksgiving.  A game-time decision was made and, for the time being, we are staying put.  Suddenly, we are investing our time back into the house.  Our little bungalow is about 1,200 square feet, so we have to think creatively about space.  It’s harder to decorate and arrange furniture in a smaller space as each square foot counts for more!  Lately, we have really tried to better pose our space to be more functional for us.  It drives me nuts that bungalows have no entry area: you walk right in the front door into the living space.  So, we are figuring that out.  Our third bedroom has always been a mixed-use room; housing a desk as well as all the yoga and meditation accouterments.  

This weekend we moved all the bedroom furniture around and we now have a little workspace in our room.  I am sitting there writing right now!  I really like the idea of having a purposeful space to write, pay bills and keep everything organized.  Now, the yoga room will eventually become a much-need retreat. 

See, small changes y’all!

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  1. Courtney Masters
    February 2, 2015 / 9:17 pm

    nice pic!

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