I mentioned before that not once in my life have I made a resolution.  While I am closer to 30 than not, most of my life has been spent as a blissfully unaware young person.… View Post

It was a beautiful weekend in Asheville! The mountains have had a good number of 50 degree days this season but it has been quite gray lately.  When the higher temps are coupled with clear… View Post

Makeup artist, I am not. Makeup hoarder, yep.  YouTube beauty video junkie, yep.  I’d like to think I know a little bit and I love to talk makeup with my friends.  So friends, here are… View Post

How is it 2015 already?   I am aware that this is a very tired sentiment by now, but let me repeat: How is it January already?!  Christmas was a week ago, then my birthday,… View Post