Post Card Inn, St. Pete Beach

I saved an entire post just to talk about the Post Card Inn on St. Pete Beach, and this place deserves it.

Holy crap, this has got to be the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in.  After we left the beach house we weren’t sure where we were going to stay that night.  We had some couch-crashing options but when Heather mentioned this place, I took one look and immediately booked it.  This place seemed like an experience more than just a nice place to sleep.

It was a great decision.  First of all, they let us check in 5 hours early, which was ideal since we left the island at 10am with no agenda.  When we arrived we started chugging cucumber + mint water from the lobby, because we are classy and…I LOVE water.  Like…love it.  I’m odd.  

This lobby is the most amazing conglomeration of design I’ve seen. Commence, crappy cell phone photo bomb:

I want to know who designed this place because they have taste.  I am not a fancy person so I appreciate a cozy environment like this .  Our actual room was no different.  The hotel is a remolded, older hotel, so the rooms were small but super quaint.  It’s like an adorable pedestal sink versus a massive vanity.  Sure, the space is nice but the adorable-ness makes up for any type of claustrophobia you may feel.  

At least it did for me.

After checking in we wandered down to the beach shack for lunch.  The grounds are so amazing.  Trees, string lights, lounge chairs..and then the beach!

Obviously, lunch was BYO hummus.  I was about to eat my own arm at this point and the Mahi sandwich was perfect.  After lunch we read and floated at the pool.  

I had successfully avoided a sunburn after SEVEN days at the beach.  Two full bottles of sunscreen realized their demise during that week and I really did feel like it was an accomplishment to survive that long in the Florida sun without a burn.  

Then…cut to me, at the end of vacation, with no tan and no sunscreen left.  While at the pool, I thought to myself: It’s okay I’ll just flip every 20 minutes.  That is like saying I’ll text at stop signs.  Sorry honey, that is still considered texting while driving.

Obviously, I got burned.  Our lounge chairs were in the shade but in true lazy fashion, we spent a lot of time on blow up rafts in the pool…and I paid the price.  So, once 3pm hit it was time to leave the pool, shower and get ready to hang with the locals at the beach shack.  

I am very excited to say that this day-drinking experience introduced me to the beauty that is the Dark and Stormy.  Oh my lord.  Rum is not something I drink.  I am a whisky and gin kinda gal.  But ginger beer + rum is amazing..and lots of lime of course.

We met into lots of lovely people and had fun chatting with new friends.  We even witnessed a wedding right in front of where we were sitting.  And then we watched the coolest sunset and I jumped around like a child.

At thus ends our Florida vacation. The end!!


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