Woah!  It has been a wild 2 weeks.  Here’s 5 things that have been going on lately:

1.  We got back from Florida on Sunday and it was amazing.   I thought I may write a post or two while I was away, I even brought my laptop.  But the only thing on my daily agenda was eating my weight in melon and applying boatloads of sunscreen.  Both were rewarding.

2.  Sunsets.  

I will share more from our trip but I have to say one of the coolest parts was the ocean sunsets.  Comparing the different clouds and colors every night was so cool!  I’ve never spent much extended time at the beach so I feel like I got to know it a bit with 8 days in one place.  

The last night!

3. Mozey!  I missed that dog so bad while we were gone.  Heather and I talked about her like she was a human the whole time: “Aw, I wish Mozey could be here to see this.”  So weird.  

When we returned we were overjoyed to discover that she has learned a new trick:  

Humping “Moosey” the stuffed moose toy.

Proud mama moment.

4. Travel, travel, travel.  September seems to always be such a busy month for us.  We have a few more trips to make this month and then I am going to refuse to leave my zip code for month number ten.

5.  I started my new job on Monday.  I LOVE IT and I AM SO TIRED.  It is exhausting not knowing what in the world is happening.  All the intense listening, note taking and concentration takes it out of me! (Also, refer back to Number 1.)  I have a feeling it’ll be worth it, though.  I am having a blast so far and I know it will only get better.

What’s up with y’all?

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  1. Courtney Masters
    September 13, 2014 / 8:21 pm

    the sunset!!!

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