1. One more week at my job!

I am a big proponent of change, but it sure will be strange not to be at the same place anymore.  I am grateful for the time and experience here and I’m interested to see how the future unfolds.

2. This time next week I’ll be on the beach….have I mentioned how insanely excited I am?

3. Mozey ate my lovely orthotic sandals… yes I am a grandma.
The one’s she ate are these, and the only shoes I have worn in the past year that don’t cause me foot pain.  I have on “regular” (Zara brand) sandals today and my feets already be hurtin.

BUT I just found some orthotic sandals online for 30 bucks!  I hate how the shoes I have to wear for my bad feet are always expensive.  Here’s hoping these work out.

4.  We made the Oh She Glows tomato sauce (from her new, gorgeous cookbook) with tomatoes and basil from the garden and ate it over zucchini noodles this week.  There is something so rewarding about eating food we have grown ourselves.  Super delicious!

5. Lastly, Mozey got really sick last night 🙁  It was the first inexplicable health issue she has had since we got her.  She had fleas and worms and all that good stuff when she was first adopted, but those were easy to figure out.  Last night she wouldn’t eat, vomited a few times and was so lethargic.  I was up late last night worrying that there was some freak problem and she needed to go to the vet.  Luckily, Heather is rational and kept telling me that I would be tired and not want to eat if my stomach hurt too!  This morning was back to normal, thank goodness!


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  1. Courtney Masters
    August 26, 2014 / 7:14 pm

    hahahah Love that you have orthopedic sandals. You sound like Caro

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