Measuring Time

What the fudge knuckle.

Yep, fudge knuckle.

{{Side note: In real life, I swear a lot.  Give me one glass one wine and hide your kids.  BUT, I have been told by multiple people that I should not swear (that means cussing for all you Southerners) in my writing as it degrades the quality.  And oddly enough I agree.  I love me some dirty mouthed broads though, so go see MODG and MFAMB for your f-word quota.}}

Anyway, what the fudge knuckle?

That is how I feel about September being quick on our heels.  Fall is my favorite season, hands down, but where did summer go?  Lately, the temperature has been cooler, I smell my neighbors’ fires at night and it makes me ache for more sun!  I am aware that as one ages, reflections on the eternal quickening of the passage of time become part of the dialogue.  “Ohmygod, how is it Christmas already?  When did that child get so big?”  and so on.  I do not want to be that grandma.

But for real…the pace of this summer has been a sprint.  I brought some extra wine (yes, there is such a thing) over to my neighbor’s house last night and we had that whole “whats-going-with-you-these-days” chat.  When I told her all that has been going on she kinda stared at me and gave me that face and said WOW that’s a lot.  I am beyond grateful for all our family and friends and the festivities we get to take part in.  I actually feel like I don’t get enough time with many of the people I love who live in my city.  But with all that has been going on in our lives, dealing with house drama and investigating lots of future plans and ideas, along with the travel that comes with family and wedding season, I feel like I just want to BE.  I want to sit on my porch with my dog and a beer and read a book.  I want to sit and watch the fireflies winking and swat at mosquitos and stare at the bus that is parked directly across from our house.  I have grown to love that bus; it is a total mystery to me and I love it that way.

I am making it a personal goal to slow down more and enjoy what is left of summer.  I hate to say it but I often yearn for more time.   In my opinion, time is all we really have, it is the most valuable resource.

So here is to less sprinting and more breathing, at least for now!


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