I finally bought my plane ticket for Florida!  This Florida trip has been causing me a bit of stress because I was in the process of getting a new job when the idea of this trip became a reality.  I absolutely hate logistics and I hate pushing things to go my way so I just kept hoping it would all work out.  Heather’s family initiated this trip so she purchased her ticket a while ago.  It wasn’t until about a week ago that I was sure I could go!

I am so utterly excited for this trip.  

I knew that I could go to the beach if I didn’t get a new job… so I was okay with that.  But the whole reason I was searching for a new way to spend 9-5 was because I was craving a change.  I also knew that getting that change could mean giving up my vacation.  And I was going to have to be okay with that.

A few weeks ago I got a job offer.  I was flattered but it wasn’t exactly the job that was going to make it worth it for me to leave my current job and miss 10 days of total relaxation.  So I took a chance and declined the offer.  

This is faith, y’all.  Pure, blind faith.  

I was literally asking everyone I knew to send their fairy sparkles into the universe on my behalf.  The issue wasn’t so much being unhappy where I have been, it was more feeling that this new position was so right.  I put my all into an opportunity that literally makes my skin crawl in excitement.  Reading the job description for this position was like reading a list of my personal interests.  I worked really hard and… I got it.  I got the job I wanted.   AND I get to go relax at the beach.  I cannot tell you how much I prayed for this to happen.

I feel like I won the lottery!

We fly to FL the last day I work at the gallery and fly home the day before I start my new job!  I hope this doesn’t exactly feel like the whirlwind I am imagining it to be.

I will reflect more on what my job has been like for the last 2+ years (in general, pretty great!) and hopefully be able to share some soon about my future position!  I am super excited (can I possibly use this word enough?) about it but I don’t feel like I should write too much about something without actually experiencing it yet.   I hope that makes sense. 

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