Happy Friday party people!

1. I accidentally spent all day drinking mimosas on Sunday and I didn’t hate it.  I am not normally one for “day drinking” as the college kiddos say, but this was technically after 12pm so..that’s cool right?  What I learned from this well-spent afternoon is that I want to be Morticia for Halloween and I suck at ping pong.  

2. The weather!  Come on Asheville, it’s August!  I want to walk out of my overly air conditioned work space and sweat!  Seriously that is my goal.  I want to go from sore throat causing frigidity to hot, sticky heat in the snap of my fingers.  I have finally adjusted to the heat of the South and now we are having Maine weather.  All that work for nothing.

3. Lipstick.
Can’t stop won’t stop.  

I have decided that wearing too much crazy bright lipstick will distract people from realizing I have not made any other efforts when it comes to my appearance.  It is also the easiest makeup item to apply so it makes me feel like I tried when really, I moved my wrist back and forth a few times.  I call that a win.
This, this and this have been favorites.

4. Asheville has a Hoop Jam every Tuesday night in the summer in the park near my place of employment.  On these evenings I tend to wander towards the alluring bongo drums and sparkly hoops to watch them go.  Seriously, those people are talented.  And this week I saw this guy:

He is parked in the center just watching.  You go, Glen Coco.

5. This picture of Mozey.  Tiny dog, huge stick.  She’s got confidence, that one.

How was your week?

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