Finding Community

I moved to Asheville in early 2012 after a short stint (or just a very long vacation? you choose) in Tucson.  I grew up in Pennsyltucky but spent a lot of time in the Asheville area while growing up.  My parents are both from the South and I spent a large portion of every summer in a small town next to Asheville.  Asheville is where we would go to dinner or see a movie (most likely an animated one since Mark is the decision maker in the family).

While I am a Dang Yankee at heart, there have been a lot of Southern sensibilities ingrained in me by my older, more proper, and probably wiser family members.  That made the transition to Asheville pretty easy for me.  I moved here because I am never not amazed by the scenery here.  

Yes, it is so amazing it deserves a double negative.

Even though I felt like Asheville was my spot, I believe you have to live with something to truly understand it.  There are endless examples here, but my point is that being a constant tourist of Asheville garnered a sense of place here for me but it did not make me a part of the community.  Two and a half years here and I am finally feeling like I may actually be a community member.  For me, being a part of a community means getting involved and giving back. SO I was super excited when Heather got us tickets to attend the Stir Crazy benefit for Blue Ridge Kitchen Ventures.  You can read all about the organization here, but the gist was that the event was super fun and our money went to a good cause.  The food and drinks were provided by companies who had been a part of BRKV and there was a band, silent auction and raffle.  We have volunteered at some Asheville Downtown events too, so it is nice to know some of the people we see at these type of events!  I hope to become more involved in other beneficial organizations in time.  For now, yummy food and drinks by the river did the trick!


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