Lake Lure

A few weeks ago Heather and I took a little jaunt up to Lake Lure.  

 If ya don’t know the greatest movie of all time was filmed at Lake
The movie I made my best friend Abbey watch every weekend of 8th
The soundtrack that played constantly in my boombox for all of
middle school.

Need a hint?

The most perfect slack-jawed Baby:

and the ultimate Lover Boy:

On our way home we decided to go rock hopping! I don’t know about you, but I spent a large portion of my summers as a kid making my way down the Montreat, NC creek in my nifty velcro Teva sandals. 

For some reason I still enjoy a dipping myself in icy cold water and then sunning myself on a rock like an amphibian.  And you better believe that mountain water is ICY. 

 Since we had Mozey with us it was the perfect time to implement Project Water Dog: 

Mozey is part Chihuahua and therefore doesn’t enjoy any contact with water. 

Since Mozey is a rescue pup we will never actually know what magical combination of breeds she is, but she hates water and is constantly burrowing towards her Mexican homeland like a Chi-hoo-uh-hoo-uh!

Alas, Heather and I are fishes and are pretty set on forcing our little 12 pound child to like water, too.  I guess you are not supposed to force such things on your “children” but..seems like a health and safety issue, right?    

 We started off lowering her over the water to see if her instincts
would set in and she would start paddling.  Nope.  She splayed her
legs straight out to the sides like a road kill frog.  No bueno. 
So I tossed her in… and she survived. 

Apparently that wasn’t a very nice way to begin swimming lessons.  Oh well. 


After that, we started luring her into the water with pieces of a
taco.  Wouldn’t that make you swim?  We had minimal success.

Maybe she knows you aren’t supposed to eat 30 minutes before swimming.
 Such a practical doggie.

I didn’t capture any photos of the swimming lesson, but you can
see Mozey planting her feet at shore while Heather tries to tempt her into the


Poor, poor Mozey. Maybe one day she will enjoy it.   

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