High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Shall we?

1. I wanna eat this perfume.
There is something about perfume in airports.  I snagged this at the not-so-swanky Duty Free in the Charlotte airport.  (Although that bottle was Dooty Plus because I was on a domestic flight.)

I spray the crap out of this perfume every morning for fear that I won’t smell it ALL day.
It is so yummy.  Yep, I wanna eat it.

2. Baby Louisa turned one month old on July 2nd.  

Can’t wait to see how she has changed when my sister visits at the end of this month!

Here she is when I met her at one week:


12 Bones

Oh my god, naptime.

‘Nuff said.

4. I am trying to up my game so I have been assisting a local photographer.  She’s a badass.

(I appropriately took this one with my phone.  Coolio.)

5. I spent one night and one morning at Montreat with my momma.  That spot is relaxing.

Nothing like a little porch sitting, listening to the creek, drinking some coffee in the morning.

I wish I could stay forever!!

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

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