Flying Cloud Farm

While driving on a beautiful country road recently Heather and I drove by a farm stand.  She had seen this particular one before but I had not. There are tons of farm stands, farmer’s markets and opportunities to buy local produce where we live but this one was special. 

There was no one at the stand so I assumed it was closed for the day.  

Oh how wrong I was!  

How insanely cute is this?!? 

It was a self-serve farm stand where you take what you need and leave the money in the jar.  I was literally overcome by excitement when I realized what was going on.  

I freaking love this.  

 It is clear that this has to be run by amazing, awesome and (no doubt) happy people! Maybe I should not have been surprised by this since there does seem to be a high population of happy people here in Western NC. 

It was so beautiful. It makes perfect sense, how could you not be happy with this as your view.  Rows of veggies with the mountains in the background!

 The whole concept of trust and the beauty of the setting coupled with the fresh produce and flowers were too much.  Flying Cloud Farm gave me such gushy warm feelings about life.  The trust the farm has for its clients made me feel like I was that person they expected me to be.  And that anyone else who could buy produce there is also a stand up human.

Since buying a house in December of last year, Heather and I have encountered a plethora of dishonest people who have no care for the people that earn them their salaries.  It has been a lot of work and stress to trudge through these issues and it can be very overwhelming at times.  So, finding this little gem on the side of the road after a hard day restored a bit of my sanity.

It is the little beauties in this life that are meaningful.

  Ya feel me?

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