Five on Friday!

1. I finally have a legit blog design!!  Thanks to Erin for working with me and doing a fabulous job!

2. I put our garden to good use and made pesto for the first time.

  We have an insane amount of basil growing in our garden and in multiple pots that live on the ground…next to our garden.  (We are fancy like that.) I went around and snipped the tops (the oldest growth) off of all nine of our plants and had an arm load.  After stripping off the stems, this armload amounted to only half of what I needed.  I normally don’t measure anything when I cook, but I figured it could be smart to do that here.  I didn’t measure the second round of basil, but it looked equal to the first so..that works, right?  


3. I have been in a purging mood lately.  I sorted through both of our bathrooms’ drawers and have created a delicious candy jar of makeup, nail polish, hair products and random crap that I don’t need.  Then when ever anyone comes over I force them to take something.  I’m like the food-pusher grandma but with makeup.

4. Yoga while watching the rain this morning was divine.  Normally I practice on the back deck but I was very happy to watch and listen to the rain from just inside the door today.

5.  This book.  Is crazy.  

I just started it but I have started walking around with it while I brush my teeth and drink coffee (in that order, duh) and run into furniture.  Also, this is the first Steven King novel I have read…even though he churns out books like Michele Duggar churns our kids in ankle length denim skirts.  No disrespect, I am honestly fascinated by the Duggar family.

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  1. Courtney Masters
    July 31, 2014 / 3:08 pm

    5. I want to read it! Is it good?2. I want that3. I don't want that haha

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