Five on Friday

Let’s start backward, eh?

1. My parents surprised me by visiting yesterday!  They live in PA and I knew they were coming to NC this weekend for a bike race but they surprised me by stopping in Asheville first!

The best part of this was that I got to (very belatedly..) give my Dad his Father’s Day gift in person.  This photo explains itself:

2.  This book.  Have you read The Glass Castle? If not, you should.  This is the author’s latest and it is almost as amazing, which makes it pretty awesome.  I read the Glass Castle faster than I have read any other book. Read it now.  And this one.  And Half Broke Horses.  She is the best.

3. Mozey sucks at hide and seek.  Batdog ears can never be hidden!

4.  Shakespeare in the Park!  

Honestly it was so hard to understand them with their accents and being outside.  But it’s like going to the ballet, is that really enjoyable? Maybe.  Do smart, cultured people do it?  Yes.

Summary: It was a beautiful setting on a gorgeous night and the violinist played Britney Spears songs in between acts.  Can’t beat it.

5. Downtown After 5 last weekend featured Drivin’ N Cryin’

They were good! I love Asheville for all the free festivals and music they put on.  

That’s about it!

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