Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween + Fall Favorites

Happy Halloween! Since today is the second-most autumnal day of the year (Thanksgiving is obviously the first, duh!) I thought I would share a few of my favorite things I've been loving this season!

First up we have this awesome skeleton I snagged from Target. It was $15, but I am sure it will be at least 50% off tomorrow! Who doesn't love an after-season deal? In the checkout line, the gal asked me if my dog would be scared of it and I said Mozey would probably ignore it, which ended up being true! If she pays attention to anything on the dinner table it's not the decor...

One of the best things about living in Asheville is the accessibility to amazing hiking. Some of the notable hikes so far this season are Black Balsam, Twin Falls and Devil's Courthouse. All worth checking out if you want to hike in the area!

I have been really enjoying some of our wedding presents now that this weather has me in the baking & hosting mood. This salt plate makes such a beautiful presentation for otherwise very simple cheese and crackers, which just so happens t be one of my favorite meals!

Now that wedding season is over, I'm saving money on manicures and DIYing it. This top coat is amazing and makes my polish look thick and glossy like a gel manicure. And the Sally Hansen Gel polish is the longest lasting I have found. It stays chip-free longer than OPI or Essie!


My sister has finally convinced me to sell LipSense! I snapped this classy bathroom pic on Saturday night: Both Rosie and I are wearing (or in the process of applying) Blu-Red. This lasted through one-too-many whiskey gingers and a long night of eating and drinking - it's so impressive! I'm at the point where I want every lip product I wear to be LipSense now! So hit me up if you're interested.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Bestie's Baby Shower

My best friend is having a baby!!!

Abbey and I met in 8th grade and have somehow maintained that friendship through high school, college, that weird post-grad time, and now regular old LIFE. She's my oldest friend and one of the truest, most genuine souls I've ever known. So, of course, I had to host her bebe shower!

Her mom and I teamed up to plan the shower in DC and it was super lovely. Big shout out to my mom and her Aunt Judy for all their help setting up!

The Cake Room in DC made the most lovely, delicious cakes and cookies for the celebration! We ate sugar, popped bubbly and Abbey unwrapped tons of gorgeous gifts. I am pretttty sure Abbey felt special, we all felt honored to celebrate her and it was a totally gorgeous day. What more could we ask for?

The beautiful mama on her throne!

After the shower, Abbey's husband Dan hosted everyone for an incredibly epic dinner party! He is a talented host and chef and served an incredible spread. It was the perfect way to finish the day of celebration and connect with family and friends.

One of the really special parts for me was reminiscing on our time in PA together with my mom and Abbey's parents. We all went through some fun (read: coming of age) times together and it was so cool to get together again years later!

The next morning we took a short walk on the beautiful trail behind their place! It was so heart-warming to see everyone who cares about Abbey and Dan all together, celebrating their growing family!