Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer of Love: The End

So, the summer of love is officially over. Here's how I know: My boss is pretty shocked when I'm at my desk on a Friday morning and I don't currently have any dog sitters lined up.

It has been an amazing spring and summer getting to see my best ladies so often; who knows if that will ever happen again. Twas' a pleasure to ring out the summer with a bang at Andrea and Ian's wedding in CT last month!

Our celebrations began Friday afternoon at a really lovely oyster bar on the water called Shell and Bones. I love kicking off a wedding weekend with an intimate lunch before the wedding craziness! We drank champagne, enjoyed fresh seafood and took in the view. It was a perfect, relaxed way to start off the weekend.

Andrea arranged her room block at the hotel where we did the rehearsal events and wedding prep, which was super convenient. The Study at Yale is right on the Yale campus, so the SOs not involved in the wedding party had tons of roaming and exploring at their fingertips. After checking in, we had a little welcome drink up in the hotel penthouse before the rehearsal and then gathered back there for dinner. My favorite part of weddings is always the toasts, and Andrea and Ian had me cryinnnnng Friday night. It didn't help that I was sitting next to Andrea's sisters. #emoparty

(Obviously Friday night ended well )

Saturday we made the long journey (2-second elevator ride) back to the penthouse for breakfast and beauty! We hung out there all day getting our hair and makeup done before heading to the venue to get dressed. Their ceremony and reception was at the New Haven Lawn Club and it was totally fulfilling to see my dear friend marry the love of her life!

There is really not much else to say, it went off without a hitch and it was a damn blast. I danced my butt off all night and have to give a shout out to these shoes that supported my old lady feet all night. Highly recommend!

Sunday morning we started our journey to Newark for the lovely little direct AVL flight I've been taking all summer. Little did we know we would spend all day in the airport, only for our flight to be canceled late that evening. The epic disaster of United customer service cannot be understated, but it all ended with a silver lining. We rented a legit #momvan Monday morning and drove 11 hours back to the mountains with some lovely folks we met in the customer service line. All of us agreed that we'd never had a better road trip - and each of us only drove 2 hours. Despite missing work and the hassle of it all, we arrived back home with grins on our faces!

Nothing better than ending the final love weekend with an unexpected adventure. Congrats Andrea and Ian - you all are a beautiful couple!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Belliott's Turn One (Month) Old

To celebrate one month as the Elliott-Bair family, I thought I would share the few photos our photographers have shared thus far. We were so lucky to meet Zach and Maggie from 2nd Street Photography in a small business class (a gal can dream!) and to share our day with them. They are seriously magical people and totally understood our vision for the day: ethereal, natural and FERNS. If you don't know, we are both fern obsessed, and when we had dinner at their house and realized Maggie had a fern tat too (Heather and I both have them) we knew it was meant to be! That, and the fact that their work is incredibly and they are an amazing, creative, soul-touching couple.

If you have any photo needs in the Southeast, totally check them out!

All photos from 2nd Street Photography!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wedding Snippets: A Few Favorite Things

My wife (!!!) keeps asking me when and if I will be blogging about the wedding. It will happen, of course, but there is so much to say! I am still wrapping my head around it and processing the whole day. Each time we hang with another friend or family member for the first time after the celebration, we get a new thought or perspective on the experience. It's been really fun to see our wedding through the eyes of those who were there with us. 

 One of the most magical parts of this super fresh newlywed stage is slowly digging through the WEDDING ROOM. If we are friends IRL you heard me *cough* complain *cough* about our 3rd bedroom that was turned into the catch-all for wedding stuff. We brought a ton of sentimental items to the wedding and I ordered a lot of stuff online (PTL for Amazon Prime) that needed a place to be gathered. Afterward, everything from the day went back to the room for proper storage until I could give it my dedicated time.

We have a little table in our living room where I have been displaying some special wedding items. Occupying the table, which I now have fondly dubbed as "The Shrine," we have:

Larger-than-life Mozey painting I received as a shower gift

Mozey's wedding day floral collar

Two orchids.
One a gift from our engagement, 
another a decoration from our Friday Night Ice Cream Social. 

A sign from my mom that reads "You will forever be my always" with our names and wedding date

A little stuffed unicorn from our wedding planner to remind us that we are each other's unicorn

Our guestbook. 
A late-night online purchase that is kinda creepy, kinda awesome

Dia de los muertos brides, one in a suit, one in a dress! 
A gift from a bridesmaid and our ring bearer's mom.

The most amazing crystal shaped like a heart, a wedding gift.

Heather's wedding day boutonniere

A book of Rilke poems, from which Heather read to me on our engagement day

I will share more wedding goodness soon!

Monday, July 10, 2017

One of Those Weekends

Ever just have one of those weekends that leaves you feeling like that is what summer is all about? Well, this weekend was one of those and I am pretty thrilled about it.

Friday night started with Lucky Otter (the family fave!) with our nephew Kent and ended with toaster oven S'mores! Saturday morning, while Heather and Kent went white water rafting (no thank you) I finally forced myself to attend a yoga class. I loooove yoga but have been preferring to do more high-intensity workouts lately, and I could feel myself losing flexibility as a result. Yin is my favorite when I just need to stretch it out and this class did not disappoint! I almost fell asleep at the end, so you know it was good!

Post yoga snooze I grabbed some TJs snacks and met my friend at her pool. This particular pool has a 6-inch-deep area where you can pull in the pool chairs and sit with your feet in the water, which is genius. What was not genius was my snack of choice, popcorn. Take it from me, popcorn + pools do not mix. There was more than one windy moment that ended with us picking out many, many wet popcorn kernels from the water. #fail

As Heather was gallivanting in the rapids with Kent, I packed up our things to head to our friend's lake house for the night. On my way out of town, I planned to meet up with my dear friend Carly, her husband Sean and their baby Turner. Dear lord, he is adorable. They have been in LA for three years and the last time I saw Carly she looked a little different! So glad these peeps are moving back to NC!

The drive on Saturday from Asheville to Tukasegee (say that three times fast) was amazing. I took the back roads after a crazy storm and all the low-lying clouds over the mountains were just magical. Sometimes I have to remind myself I am SO LUCKY to live here!

Once we got to the lake house on Saturday night, it was pure cell-phone-free heaven. I not-so-secretly love when I lose cell service. It's an opportunity to disconnect and I don't feel obligated to snap a pic of every little thing. I did have to snag a few photos when we first got there though. I mean.....

We swam, floated, kayaked, canoed, ate, drank and laid on the dock for 36 hours and it really felt like summer. I'm feeling very thankful for our generous friends who let us come hang! We will be back!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Caroline got married!!!

Well, Caroline AND Alex both got married. To each other!! And it was sooooo sweet. Caroline has a lot of unique phrases she says, including calling things and people "gentle," which is a great way to describe the weekend.

Obviously, this was a few weeks ago, but I am very wedded (pun intended) to chronological blog posts. Her wedding was June 3rd and celebrations began Friday morning with a brunch to honor the bride. Our girl Courtney and her mom hosted, and it was held at a restaurant housed by her great-grandmother's old home. How cool is that? I am allll about that nostalgia.

Post champagne brunch we all had to take a wee nap before the rehearsal dinner. Dinner was at the Washington House, a really cool spot with a nice flow and lots of light, not to mention the eats! Caroline dipped out at the end, like the smart lady that she is, to have a relaxing eve before the big day. She is seriously such a level-headed soul!

Saturday we did hair and makeup and hung out until the ceremony! The best part of the day, in my opinion, was when our transportation didn't show and Caroline got all emotional and anxious to go meet her groom. It was so sweet and adorable and I hope she (HEY caro!) doesn't mind me saying so! We ended up taking her family's fleet of Volvo station wagons to the ceremony and blasting Celine Dion the whole way. It was memorable, to say the least!

The wedding itself was GORGEOUS and we danced our asses off. It was held at Natirar, a seriously stunning venue, with a legit farm to table catering service which that really lended itself to Caroline's vibe: simple and elegant. Speaking of which, she even had a late night mac and cheese bar and donut bar! I ate ALLTHEDONUTS and took many photos of my wine glass in front of the fire because ... #wine. Sunday we had a lovely brunch to see them off to Spain and made our way back to NC.

Caroline and Alex - I wish you many years of happiness - you are a truly lovely couple (Sounds cliche and fake - but it's not)!

PS. It is worth mentioning that her photog was amazing - so personable and fun to be around. I hope she enjoyed hanging with us because I personally enjoyed her being there! Check out her post of the whole day here.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Three Bachelorettes are Better than One

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to celebrate my bachelorette with my two favorite brides to be, my dear friends, Andrea + Caroline!

As soon as we realized the three of us would be getting married this summer, we started talking dates for all of the celebrations. We soon realized it would be easier and way more awesome to have a joint bachelorette for the three of us. Since we were three brides-strong, our ladies (and one dude!) rented a bad ass house in Austin and had some pretty epic (surprise) activities planned.
On mother's day weekend, our people trekked from all over the country to meet in Austin! Some of our tribe arrived early Thursday afternoon and it was killing me to see all of the pics and snaps. After work Thursday, I took a late flight into ATX with an even longer layover in ATL, cue the pre-party beers! After arriving at 2am, I found my way to my designated bed in our huge (i mean huge!) rental house, and crashed.

Friday morning, I woke up and got to see all of my favorite people! Between the three brides there were 4 maids of honor and they did an amazing job planning. That morning, there were breakfast tacos delivered to the house, an Austin specialty, and we commenced our day of pool-side fun.

As most of our pics from this trip are booze + bikini heavy, I will spare you all the gritty details and just say that we had a ball. One eventful part of Friday, for me personally, was learning what a "haircut" shot was. Thanks to the 22 year old for making us all feel really old!

Friday night we got all dressed up to eat at Jacobys where the gals had planned a special menu for us and we had a private room. The food was stellar and the drinks were amazing, but I was hit with an intense bout of vertigo during dinner so went home early while most of the other gals went out. I hate that this happened during my bachlorette, but whatcha gonna do? My mom and sister both get it too, and sometimes planes and elevators screw with me. Fun times!

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em to hop on our party bus and head to Lake Travis! Our group had picked up burger fixing, beers and tons of floaties and we loaded up our pontoon boat for a day of floating + battling bachelor parties.We won, don't worry.

Saturday evening, we napped, cooked dinner in the huge-ass kitchen and hung out in the crazy back yard! We ended our festivities on Rainey Street, a street of old bungalows turned into bars!

I feel like I always like to end with a silly picture, so here's a typical snap of me and my MOH! Love you sis!
 Thanks to everyone who planned and made it a super special weekend. Caroline gets married this Saturday and I cannot wait to celebrate her and Alex!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

About Last Week

The pace has been swift and it's not slowing down anytime soon!

Last week I was in Charleston for work and flew out Thursday to Scottsdale to see our girl Jordan get hitched. Congrats Jor!! It was an amazing and exhausting week and getting home at 12am Monday made for a rough workday. Shout out to folks who can pull of this sort of travel on the reg, don't know how you do it.

Just to add to the craziness, tomorrow I fly to Austin for our group bachelorette! Since Caroline, Andrea and I are all getting married within 6 weeks we decided to join forces and have one epic party! I have seen pictures of the house we have rented for the weekend, and I know there will be donut floaties, but at this point, all else is a mystery.

I didn't actually bring my phone/camera to Jordan's wedding, so I regret that I have few photos of the bride. But here are some pretty snaps from the beach in Charleston, the resort in AZ and a few welcome dinner and wedding snaps from other folks!

Torturing our non-makeup wearing condo member

Caroline snapped this when we were getting ready on Saturday and I had to share. This is really my happy place...champagne, hotel robe + makeup. Done!