Monday, October 31, 2016

Some October Bits

On the last day of October, I'm sitting outside in 75-degree weather with red and yellow leaves dropping everywhere! Everyone on the planet loves October but this hot weather is so incredibly strange. Despite the unseasonable weather, we had lots of fall adventures this month that I want to share.

We kicked off the month with a camping trip with just the two of us in the beautiful Pisgah National Forest. Here's the Roots Rated break down of the spot we chose. I've never camped "roadside" before and I have to admit there were some spooky moments in the dark, but it was pretty cool to be alone in the woods. It makes me realize how sheltered we are living in the city, where we are never officially in the dark. Very odd. Makes me want to move to the country. Cue all the MLS searches....

The very next weekend I was off for a much overdue trip to visit my lifelong friend Abbey. I hadn't spent any significant length of time with her since her wedding two years ago! We talk a lot and send cards, but you can't beat good old fashioned shit shootin' in person. Abbey and her husband Dan and dog Sugarbee live in a cute little 'hood near DC. I flew in after work on Friday and we didn't get to bed until 4am...we had A LOT to talk about! While I was there, we went to yoga at her studio, visited the Hirshorn, ate at the coolest bookstore/restaurant, went to her husband's show and visited a winery. But the BEST part was Sunday night dinner, cooked by Dan, complete with red and white wine courses and after dinner aperitifs. We didn't finish until midnight and talked about everything from Beyonce to the Italian Renaissance. I totally admire the two of them; they consciously sit down for dinner together every Sunday and neither has a smartphone or TV. 

The NEXT weekend, Heather and I had to take care of some important business...the most beautiful fall hike in Asheville! Craggy Gardens is such a popular spot because it has amazing views everywhere you look. We always see people taking engagement photos every time we are up there!

We ended that weekend with dinner with my Dad at the Salvage Station. I am so lucky that he travels to Asheville all the time for work!

 We also were lucky enough to have a spontaneous weekend visitor! One of Heather's oldest friends from Florida called her last Friday and asked to come for the weekend. Of course we were pumped!

This past weekend we had a Pumpkin Party, as we have tried, to do every year since we met! Our super talented friends carved some amazing pumpkins, we drank pumpkin beer and had a huge spread of pumpkin food! The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating Halloween and I ended it with a beautiful run by the river and a much-needed soak with the little buddies left over from the party.

(The best picture of us that night...I know...)

 And now for 24 days of Thanksgiving. The holidays are officially upon us!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

On This, Her One Month Birthday...

Today is Evaline's one month birthday!

If you happen to be someone I talk with regularly, you know I couldn't shut up about Louisa and the fact that my sister was having another babe. When Louisa was born, I waited around all day for the call that she had finally entered the world. Around 6:30 that night I went to pick up dinner, forgot my phone and come home to a million baby pictures.

This time, Evaline Ruth came into the world in a whirlwind! I won't give you the birth story details but I got a text that the babysitter was coming to watch Louisa and Amanda was going to the hospital, and about an hour later our little girl was born!

Evaline was exactly the same weight and length as Louisa and looks pretty similar. It's so crazy to hear my sister talk about "her two girls."

About a week after she was born, Heather and I (literally) hauled butt up to PA to meet her. The trip was a tad traumatic as we almost missed our flight. Thank god for $30/day valet parking so we could ditch our car at the gate and run through the Charlotte airport. Never been happier to pay $160 dollars to pick up my car...yikes! Confession, if I was rich I would do that all the time...all you do is send a text and walk out of the airport to an open car door and snacks. #worthit

Anyway, once we made it there I basically hogged Evaline the whole time, per usual. I have so missed having a tiny baby around!

Since there's a toddler in the mix these days, we couldn't just chill at the house the whole time, lavishing in the beauty of a tiny soul navigating the world of eat-poo-sleep-repeat. During the week we went to the zoo, visited an insane indoor child gym/war zone, went out to dinner, went out to lunch...all sorts of things. The zoo was super fun, and it was so cute to watch Weeza with her best buddy Jackson. I take full credit for putting her shorts on backwards that day. #yolo

The best part was that I got to chill with just Heather, my sister and brother-in-law and then also got time with the whole family when my parents came for the weekend. We went on many walks around her beautiful neighborhood, put together a DOUBLE stroller, drank beers on the back porch, played soccer and hid in the castle (both amazing gifts from Louisa's aunt) and watched inappropriate television with a toddler. All in a week's work!

AND one of my besties, Caroline, and her fiance came up from Baltimore for the day! Having my family and friends so spread out around the country sucks sometimes, and it's such a unique pleasure to see them all together.

Now please enjoy this photo montage!

Thankfully Louisa is obsessed with her little sister!

My love with my people :)

 After her first bath.


All up in her sister's grill

Crazy 2 year old!

Auntie Heather is the best!

Sleeping on Dad!