Monday, March 16, 2015

Photo Dump: Family Weekend and a Million Baby Photos

My mom, sister and niece visited from Pennsylvania this past weekend and are now, sadly, back in their home state.  It was an exhausting whirlwind and I loved it.  Somehow we packed in 3 breweries, bbq, birthday celebrations with grandma and a singular pee explosion.  Guilty.  Louisa is clearly the most photogenic member of the family with Mozey coming in as a close second.  I apologize for the lack of content, but these photos speak for themselves!  Honestly, I quite like using the "photo story" method, it's pretty redundant to keep saying, we ate dinner here, grabbed a beer over there and then changed a diaper, changed an outfit and threw a bunch of cheerios on the ground.  


  1. Lil Louisa is so adorable! It's funny to see her and Mozy the same size- lil nuggets!!

  2. Baby and Mozey pic for the win