Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday

Let's start backward, eh?

1. My parents surprised me by visiting yesterday!  They live in PA and I knew they were coming to NC this weekend for a bike race but they surprised me by stopping in Asheville first!

The best part of this was that I got to (very belatedly..) give my Dad his Father's Day gift in person.  This photo explains itself:

2.  This book.  Have you read The Glass Castle? If not, you should.  This is the author's latest and it is almost as amazing, which makes it pretty awesome.  I read the Glass Castle faster than I have read any other book. Read it now.  And this one.  And Half Broke Horses.  She is the best.

3. Mozey sucks at hide and seek.  Batdog ears can never be hidden!

4.  Shakespeare in the Park!  

Honestly it was so hard to understand them with their accents and being outside.  But it's like going to the ballet, is that really enjoyable? Maybe.  Do smart, cultured people do it?  Yes.

Summary: It was a beautiful setting on a gorgeous night and the violinist played Britney Spears songs in between acts.  Can't beat it.

5. Downtown After 5 last weekend featured Drivin' N Cryin'
They were good! I love Asheville for all the free festivals and music they put on.  

That's about it!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

I met my niece!

Last week I got to meet my niece!  

I was able to meet my beautiful niece Louisa Elaine on the 7th day of her life.  She was safely strapped into her car seat when my family picked me up at the airport and I spent the whole ride to my sister's house just staring at her.  (And taking videos of her hiccups while she slept.  I am definitely going to be that weird, annoying Aunt.)

 It was a bit tortuous not to be able to hold her right away.  Once we got home I scooped that baby up and basically hogged her for the entire week.  My mom, sister and all of her friends who visited were very generous to let me be greedy with my little niece.  Living 600 miles away means I will always want more time with her!

I flew from Asheville to Philadelphia for a glamorous week of girl time in the city with my mom and sister.  And by glamorous I mean that I did not wear any of the nice clothes I packed and only wore makeup once.  The whole week was spent as you would pretty much expect: cooking, cleaning and wiping butts (well only one butt, but many, many times!) while Amanda adjusted to life as a momma.

I felt lucky to be able to be there for my sister, cook her some freezer meals and clean up some poop explosions.  Those two things obviously go hand in hand...

Test run of the Ergo!

We see each other maybe 3 or 4 times a year, and seeing her as a mom was so cool.
Aside from all the nesting going on, we did venture into the city once!  We had a nice little lunch, saw the Liberty Bell, and strolled around the historic district.  Obviously, this was a quick trip but fun nonetheless. AND I got to WEAR the baby!  Amanda really didn't want to let anyone wear her for her first city outing, but as I said before, I was being a greedy Aunt.  

Me, Louisa and Amanda

We also were graced by the temporary presence of my Dad!  He had just spent a week with my sis, and had headed back to work where they live.  Marky Mark couldn't stay away long though.  This man loves babies more that most humans.  Even more than 20-somethings with baby fever.  He LOVES Lousia.  I absolutely love seeing my parents as grandparents.  It makes me get all gushy dreaming of family vacations full of diapered butts running around in the sand.

Amanda, Louisa and Mark

A few more moments from the week:

One week birthday!
Sleeping on her Dad
Not excited about her bath...

But she gets to wear an awesome cat hoodie it's all good
I'll end with a gratuitous photo montage:

Friday, June 20, 2014

I am Nosey

That's why I love blogs.  And now I have my own.  Hooty Hoo!

I think a huge part of reading blogs has to do with getting a peek into other people's lives, don't you think?  One of the most amazing things about being human is sharing experiences.  I love to see photos of people enjoying the simple things in life, like a beautiful sunset, or the huge things such as a new family member!  Although reading about a stranger's life could become an outward-focused experience, it often leads me to self-reflection.

I am here to share my personal experiences with you, the reader, who ever you may be! That is another amazing thing about our humanness: connections.  When combined, connecting through experience is pretty awesome.  Moments like that have gained me some life-long friends.  So, that said, I am here to share with you as my life changes, and it has changed quite a bit in the last year.

I met my beautiful partner, had my first FUR child, bought a house and reassessed my life goals and dreams.  Pretty big stuff.  But bigger stuff is on the way!

Flowers and beer at Rosetta's Kitchen